Get real world perspective on ​the current business landscape ​with Errol and Jessica

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episode 35

From Prison to Purpose: How to Thrive in ​Business

Discover the inspiring journey of Andre Norman, the ​Ambassador of Hope, from prison to Harvard to working ​with the White House. Learn how he transformed his life to ​become a renowned Business Coach and Second Chance ​Strategist. This episode explores his impactful strategies, ​mindset shift, dedication to prison reform, and mission to ​elevate others through resilience and triumph.

Latest Episode

Episode 34

How She Built a Multi-Million Dollar Firm ​From Scratch w/ The Fancy Firm

Ashley LeBouef, CEO of The Fancy Firm, shares her journey from ​wholesaling to interior design, general contracting, and real estate. ​As a successful Caribbean woman in a male-dominated industry, ​she highlights challenges, triumphs, and strategies for aspiring ​entrepreneurs, particularly women in business.

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Our Hosts

Meet Errol, the ultimate self-made ​superstar! He's been crushing it in ​business since he was 19, and he's a ​bonafide leader in the short term ​rental sector. Whether he's breathing ​new life into business ventures or ​teaching the secrets of real estate ​investing success, Errol has a passion ​for making things happen!

Jessica is a highly sought after ​individual in the real estate space, ​with a keen ability to identify lucrative ​opportunities and mentor aspiring ​entrepreneurs to do the same. Her ​early success in real estate investing ​has paved the way for her to become ​a leading figure in the commercial ​real estate space.

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Brace yourself for a wild ride of no-holds-barred ​exchanges and brilliant business acumen as tag ​team Jessica and Errol tackle the ups and downs of ​entrepreneurship. They're on a mission to help ​fellow entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls and ​shortcomings that can trip them up on their journey, ​all while keeping it real and relatable. Get ready to ​learn, grow, and thrive!




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